Melody Shotade

Inclusive Live Performance Art Trailers

Photograph of Rowan White in the Glade at Gasworks Arts Park. Rowan is basking in mottled light with his arms out stretched. his his head is painted gold and he is wearing a black singlet and pants.

The Demographic Dance OFF 

The Demographic Dance OFF (TDDO) is a humble collective of artists who identify as coming from either IBPOC, Deaf/ Disabled, LGBTQIA+ communities.

The central aim of The Demographic Dance OFF’s is to experiment with concepts that have seeded from the members personal stories, expressed through abstract dance and/or live performance art. 

The Demographic Dance OFF unite with similar values in creating accessible and inclusive creative community space to playfully experiment and immerse audiences.

The Museum of Us

"I am" 

Visual Notes


I am’ An integrated access aesthetic development.  The developments documentation included consultation with Deaf and Disabled peers and allies. This phase one development visual draft was Audio Described and scripted in Consultation and by Nilgun Guven (Vitae Veritas). 

‘I am’ lends time to focusing creatively on restoring one’s own sensory experience. It comprises components such as the exploration of sight, sound and vibration. ‘I am’ was symbolically designed, choreographed and signed to steep subtly into themes of an Intercultural expression of Deaf Disabled experience aimed to unify audiences within its multilateral form.

I hope to demonstrate through this early attempt at a visual vernacular (Story through Auslan and visual signals), that an accessible welcoming future is about the integrity of the work, so the ego needs to be set aside. It’s not just about creating complex ideas around access but rather, about the correct application of access as a foundation experimentation is an afterthought. ‘I am’ is an example of finding your identity and where one places their value.

Chelle Destefano is a deaf Visual artist she plays character one. It is here where there is a need to note that her hands are out of the playing area inside the zoom frame losing visual information for Auslan users. This demonstration offers captioning and transcription to compensate for the error in filming. In saying this ‘I am’ also demonstrates two lessons to my future self and perhaps others. 1. Accessibility and Inclusion are key and 2. It’s ok to make mistakes don’t let your ego get the better of you; make room to learn as much as you can about access and continue to grow and research in a respectful and ethical manner. See video for  list of credits 

Woven Theater 2019

Gasworks Arts Park 2019 - The Glade

Produced and directed by Melody Shotade, devised over a duration of 6 weeks with the support of local performers, and narrators, Inclusive Arts Practitioner Nilgun Guven, Choreographer Trudy Radburn, Sound Producer Lisa Greenaway AKA LAPKAT and Artist Support Marjetka- Krizanic.

First performed in two showings at The Glade, Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne, Australia, Saturday 2 March 2019.  There is more room in the scope to further develop the choreography.

Sound design for 6 speakers (3 groups) surrounding the audience and roving performers. Sounds moved in a horizontal, circular flow around them. During the live performance, live narration was mixed with the sounds and music.

Music included:

Amadou Suso: 'Suso Kunda - Sunjata'

Sophia Tuv: 'My Heart' and 'Walking in the Gardens'

Sound design by Lisa Greenaway. With the assistance of MAV and Omer Haber with speaker installation design and installation, and live show mix, 

More information:

This project has been supported by The City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund.

Woven respectfully acknowledges the Yalukit Wilam Clan of the Boon Wurrung where first devised and shown. Woven Pays its Respects to elders both past and present. Woven acknowledges and upholds their continuing relationship to this land.

The Village Storyteller

The Village Storyteller i was a character rised from the murky waters bulling and harassment.  The Storytellers focus  was on sharing a strong message of individuality and self acceptance.  The the stories were entertaining, thought provoking, inclusive and were open to the general public and involved a small amount of audience participation. 

RAG Theatre

Produced By Cathy Horsely, Directed By Scott Gooding  and Artistic Accosiate  Trudy Radburn. RAG Theatre are an award winning ensemble of performers who create group devised theatre based on the cast's diverse experiences. Melody's, membership to the ensemble lead to rekindling her interest in performance and and inclination to wanting to produce and direct inclusive theatre. Melody has performed in two seasons one of which lead to performing at The Alex Theatre Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017.