Melody Shotade


United threads promotional flyer has a black and white image with a person with fair skin posing gracefully in bare feet. their legs are draped with soft linen loose fitting dress that looks to be swept in the wind. The font looks as if it has been stitched from different colour thread.

Fashion/ Modelling

Access To Fashion Runway Organised by Carly Findlay- Melbourne Fashion Week -Runway Model

Social Studio Fashion Show - Event Mc and Stage manager

Space2b St. Kilda- United Threads Fashion Show- Team Assistant/ Photo Photographic Fashion Model.

Photo credit Sebastian Avila

Modelling for Space2b Social Design- Melody is posing in front of a a red wall with black gold and white graffiti. she is wearing a silver medallion, black fine knitted blouse. her hair is in blond dreadlocks in a half up and half down fashion.

Access to Fashion Runway group photo of models styled by Donna Cameron Style- A candid shot of runway models with diverse abilities three models in the foreground of the photo posing in the green room, ready to rock their styles up on the runway in their wheelchairs while the remaining 6 are standing tentatively in the background.

Community Development Projects

The Roarhouse brand logo -red backgound with a black outline of a house with a flag and silhouettes of people doing acrobatics on the rooftop. inside the house reads "All welcome" and squares white squares representing windows and a door that have black letters that spell out Roarhouse

Roar Lounges/Unearths/ Roar Stages- Roarhouse Artist and Events Coordinator / Mentor/ Facilitator/Promotions/ some videography and fundraising/ film extra/ catering work.

Pan African Cafe Events- Stage Manager and Events Assistant

City of Voices - Backstage Assistant, Makeup Artist.

Volunteer & Fundraising Events

Ruthy Hunter Foundation Benefit Concert - Stage Manager

Rise West Papua fundraisers- Stage management/Assistant

Keep It Queered Events- Volunteer and collaborator dance party/ fundraisers

Rocking for West Papua flyer picture of the west Papuan flag with a fist raised in solidarity for the freedom of its people. Its titled Rocking For West Papua and the details of the music line up are printed underneath.