Melody Shotade

Independent Artist & Performer.

Photo Credit - Briannagh O'Laughlin a close up head shot photograph of Melody who is a medium dark skinned woman, her eyes are lightly shut and her head is tilted down in the forefront of the picture navy blue strings dangling down, with blue beads strung to them

Art allows me to live. Its essential for my existence. I view my creative pursuits as a way of finding my centre, self acceptance through observation and self expression. My arts practice is a way to allow myself to be unconventional, organic and individual. I believe these values are important in to me in this day and age particularly when I see society becoming more and more so restrictive, with it's do and don't type mentality.

Woven Stereo Mix

WOVEN_stereo mix.wav

Designed and Produced By Lisa Greenaway in collaboration with Melody Shotade

I create with intention and try to watch the manifestation unfold from there. I try to trust my process to produce work which sometimes means that its in an ad hoc to ad-lib rhythm . I like that arts practice has the ability challenge new concepts in ways that aren't always obvious, or conscious.... There is a certain amount of mystery and heart involved.

Photo- Actor Performer -Rowan White Woven Showing March 2nd @ The Glade - Gasworks Arts Park Photo by David de Roach a photo of a man bold fair skinned man, his face is gold and glittery. His arms out reached either side of his body, he is wearing black singlet and pants. people sitting on a park bench behind him they are out of focus in the photo.
Photo credit David de RoachWoven Theatre Project 2019Two models POC both medium complexions with painted with purple face paint wearing tulle hats an black costumes
Roarhouse Melbourne Collaboration Unearthes Project photo by David de Roach photo of fair skinned people wearing bright feathery carnavle hats playing dejmbes at Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Centre
Photo credit Sebastian AvilaModelling for Space2b Social Design- Melody is a POC posing in front of a a red wall with black gold and white graffiti. she is wearing a silver medallion, black fine knitted blouse and calf length a black Aline skirt. both the skirt and blond dreadlocks are being swept in the wind.