Melody Shotade

Emerging Inclusive Independent Creative Producer/ Director

Photo Credit - Briannagh O'Laughlin a close up head shot photograph of Melody who is a medium dark skinned woman, her eyes are lightly shut and her head is tilted down in the forefront of the picture navy blue strings dangling down, with blue beads strung to them

Practising inclusive and accessible art adds value to my existence. My method of inclusive creative practices is to harness artistic qualities that focus on internal self observation and self expression. My inclusive creative practice allows for unconventional, organic and individual bonds, inviting new dialogues from those I may cross paths with.

I create with intention and try to watch the manifestation unfold from there. I try to trust my process to produce work which sometimes means that its in an ad hoc to ad-lib rhythm. I like that arts practice has the ability challenge new concepts in ways that aren't always obvious, or conscious.... There is a certain amount of mystery and heart involved.

Above is the link to the Woven Sound Scape Designed By Lisa Green Away. Photo Credit David de Roach. Photo of Woven Lead Performer Maurya Bourandaris. She is dressed in mid weight black shirt and pants layered with tule hooped skirt just out of camera frame. she is faced side on to the viewer with gold face paint gittery highlights on her cheeks and brow. Maurya has one are extended to the wards the camera.

To the Left of the page Melody is sitting on a chair in a garden of leafy green Bird of Paradise plants. She is wearing a purple two tone traditional Nigerian kaftan that was passed on through her family's Nigerian cultural tradition. Melody is reading from an open red velvet book placed on her lap.

I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional owners and custodians of this land in which I live and create. I pay all due respect to their Elders past and present.